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And Esuv Despised the Bechore ויתן יתן ויחזור ויתן

The World Commemorates the 100th Year of the Armistice ending the War which was supposed to end all wars

Esuv despised the Bechore

Our Rabbis taught that the torah was given to bring peace to the world.Has there ever been a people more abused and hurt than our own 'Chosen ' People?

For ourselves ,living in the protection, b'h,in the western hemisphere, it interesting,how  both the US and Canada emerged with a strength and 'inner' pride in their deciding role in ending that conflict.Trudea is reported to have said'...

At dawn Saturday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went to Vimy Ridge, the battlefield in northern France where Canada found its sense of self when it defeated German opposition against the odds.

Standing amid the white headstones against an ashen sky, Trudeau addressed the fallen, saying what Canada has achieved in the past century has been “a history built on your sacrifice. You stand for the values on which Canada was built.”

But a scant 29 years later, the war resumed and consumed 6 million of our people (and altogether 50 million people).

Why did the brocho to Yaakov have to come through deception, and if we are truly the  'Chosen People", isn't that actually 'unfair?'

Anyone who learns the parshios of the week with a little thought must be amazed how different 'history ' looks from the standpoint of our holy torah, than in the world about.Whereas in the normal worldview we  discuss countries growing and waning , warring with eachother, and disappearing,clashes of culture, and movements, our holy torah discusses the private and quiet going ons of a family,progressively becoming more distinct.Yichus and family purity are foundational.In fact ,it would seem that may be that is why the Matriachs had to come from the family of Avraham, since their family tree goes back pure to Adom haRishon (to the best of my knowledge, the only such family in the world).

My Rebbeim taught that the family - nation to come from the 'seed" of Avraham, has as its purpose and destiny to bring the world to fulfilment of the Creater's original plan in creating 'Man' in His Image." Our job is to live life here on earth knowing that our personal fulfillment and the fulfilment of the whole universe lies in accepting His Majesty, here,in this world, and in the next.

The way ,one of my Rebbeim puts it ,if we are not the tikun , then we are nothing.

This is something intensely personal, and must be rediscovered in every generation and by every individual. I am not sure, but maybe that is why,that 'Yaakov ', the 'deceptor' has to continually find himself as "Yisrael', who has "striven with Man and with Angels".Every Rosh haShana (the birthday of Isaac) we blow the shofer of the ram which took Isaac's place and on Yom Kippur ,one goat is slaughtered in holiness and one sent to 'Azzazel.'

From the moment Yakkov said to his father, "I am Esau, your first born", we all have that option to take the role of the goy in our life (except a jew is always a Jew , no matter what, since Yaakov merited that all his children were to follow in the ways of haShem מטתו שלמה  ).And actually , Yaakov kept not only his own role as the devoted jew but that of his brother as the man of the world  (that is why he needed to marry two sisters)

The Ribono Shel Olam judges us as we judge ourselves.

Isaac, who placed himself on the altar, cannot be the one to properly choose to give over worldly blessings.Isaac lives secluded in a different univerese.Most of active history in the development of our people goes through Avraham and Yaakov.Yet the chazal teach that it is Isaac's prayers which actually save us from judgement on the Day of Judgement.

Our job as the 'kingdom of Priests' is to be the 'bechor', the firstborn who brings brocho to the world ברכה - בכרה

When Esau 'despised the Bechore, he didn't realize the brochos come as a result of accepting the bechore.They have the same letters, just changed about a little.The worldly blessings is an aid for us to be able to serve haShem as Yaakov clearly and humbly says by the Vision of the ladder  - אם יהי'א' עמדי ושמרני בדרך אשר אנוכי הולך ונתן

לי לחם לאכול ובגד ללבוש ושבתי בשלום אל בית אבי

והי' ה' לי לא'

The Kli Yakor explains that Yaakov  felt he needed shemira from sin.He needed very simple basic needs to be fulfilled so that he could return to his  father's home filled with knowing haShem and pure devotion.

Since Cain killed his brother, our instinctive need to connect and serve our Creator has only brought about jealousy and hatred and yet if we don't recognize that we are simple creatures , but with a divine spark within, the whole world can , chas v'sholom , come to an end.We are today at an incredible crossroads.Global warming , poisoning and destruction of our food supply and many other real challenges, mix with incredible technological changes, which could do fanatastic good, or the opposite.

Scientists say that robots could overtake us with 20- 30 years and many are truly worried. Is that for the good or bad?

The great challenge is one of ethics.

When Yaakov brought the meal to his father in order to blessed, Yitzchok sensed the smell of Gan Eden, because he had with him the blessings of Avraham.He starts his blessing with  ןיתן לך

 'and you should be given ', in other words an ongoing blessing.Esuv despised the bechore with saying 'why do ineed the bechore when I am going towards death? Our rabbis teach that Avraham Aveinu had just passed away- the holy Avraham was but mortal, and Eisuv's life as a hunter was itself , dangerous.

But we are personally , through  accepting the teachings of our holy patriarchs and matriarchs are connected with the source of everlasting life.An other connotation for brocho is 'brecha' -a channel.By praising haShem as a jew (Yehuda - Jew from the word to praise, to admit), we serve as a channel to bring the brochos haShem wants to bring into this world

And so we become the 'bechor.'

ויתן יתן ויחזור ויתן!

(What is maybe really interesting from all this is that at the very end of the parsha Esau marries the daughter of Yishmael,'Mochalas'.The rabbis derive that when someone marries ,all his sins are forgiven.Apparently , even though Esau never did a real teshuva  (he never divorced his first wives), but by marrying someone actually appropriate for himself as a child of Isaac, though he had lost his birthright forever, he did have a personal tikun.)



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