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2 Parshos R'Shimon Faith Israel א׳י אמונה ר׳ שׁמעון בּחוקתי בּהר


A friend of mine commented that R' Shimon's yahrzeit seems to coincide with parshas Behar more than Parshas b'Chukosay.

After all, R'Shimon lived in the cave for 12 years without work as we are expected to do every 7 in Israel.Yet the parsha read this week in Israel is 'b Chukosay (for us  next week).I told him , maybe it is because we find that the Chasam Sofer teaches that the halacha is not like R' Shimon in Israel once we all live there.Even R' Shimon agrees that the very work in Israel is holy (perhaps this is the story when he and his son came out the second time and saw the Yid running to prepare for shabbas).

Yet ,even that work, as holy as it is, is only so ,if we show our faith and live it, as is demanded of us, in Israel , every 7 years as to working the land, and for all of us, every 7 days.

Maybe the real take away for all of us, is the simcha of the unity of our people, the People of the Torah.The Chazal teach that anyone who resides 'chutz l'aretz', is as if he has no g-d.Ultimately as the Maharl teaches,it is the Land which unites us,and thereby  allows us to sanctify all of our life affairs.

In Behar we are taught to do business with one another preferentially and also, to step back to some extent from private  ownership(shmitte).

R'Shimon lived in the cave because of the curses enunciated in b'Chukosay, so that we, in our generation starting to Return can practice keeping shmitta and all mitzvos.And we know this is only possible  as all Yidden are responsible for each other.In unity and love for each other  - not only in tzedeka, while accepting personally in our lives torah and mitzvos.

 Ashreichem Yisrael! Mi metahar eschem - Aviechem she bashemayim!


In that spirit that we are all one; I'd like to formally extend a special thanks to Boruch Fischlewitz, a wonderful 'metzia' out of Far Rockaway who has been gracing us with his insights and 'chidushim' on the parsha for the last number of weeks (in the blog section of the site).Next time you are in greater NY , certainly in the 5 towns , and need a driver, please be sure to contact Boruch (just be prepared for pleasant surprises)



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'Rememberance Day' 'Never Again' ,ט'ב'אב ,יום כיפור ,בכל דור ודור

Yom Ha'Shoah - Holocaust Memorial Day

My Rebbe , hagoan , hatzaddik, R' Yitzchok Hutner , ztz'l, did not use the term 'Hashoa', because the word connotes a 'breakdown ' of history .Anyone who learns his שנים מקרא ואח תרגום (weekly chumash--bible study) knows that it was all clearly told to us in the torah.

In fact, the more success we have, the more we stand out (which always happens ; the 'Yiddle' seems to inevitably rise to the top), the more the hatred.Whenever we abandon our Sinaitic Mission as a 'Holy Nation and Kingdom of Priests', that prominence becomes our downfall.

Interestingly enough, I was told by gyores who was a stewardess that she had visited the first 'place' burnt in Krystal nacht  - Mendlesohn's Temple!

At the seder we call out - In every generation our enemies try to destroy us -בכל דור ודור

 We know that the first night of Pesach conicides to the same day of the week as the 9th of Av, which is the real Memorance day.

The Gaon , R' Yonsan Eybeshitz would say that our survival as a people amongst 70 wolves (ie the nations of the world) was more remarkable than any of the miracles recorded in the 'Exodus.'Anyone who takes a look at the situation facing the  and people of Israel today sees clearly that that  only that Bris haShem made with our forefathers is what keeps us alive.

 Someone sent me a video made by in 2011 explaining why Israel can't return to the 1948 borders. Anyone who ''realistically '' views that video realizes by all that is so-called 'natural' we don't exist , chalila.and ,if anything ,things are much worse today.

We can't say - 'Never again' so simply.We must pray that our historical return to our homeland should coincide with a complete and true teshuva - return to our roots.

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Israel burns , ban on new shuls in Outremont,America divided in anger

Hate , Discord , Confusion

וה' ברך את אדני מאד ויגדלRusian firebombers


With all our disgust , nevertheless , when we see with astonishment pictures of both a US supertanker and 2 giant firefighters from Russia both rushing to Israel to help put out those flames of hatred and evil, we pray that this should be the foreshadowing in a positive fulfillment of the prophecy eagle and the bear at the gates of Jerusalem.

Here in our own little 'vinkle',the right to build more shuls in Outremont was revoked.It is easy to cry  'anti semitism', but the truth is , besides at least one voice we would like to 'Forget',it is probably more of a sense of culture divide and a real fear of losing business as demographics change, that drove the vote.Probably going the route of seeking a legal outcome is correct.And that would be actually a positive step of defining a healthy democracy.

To the South , we see the leftists emotional response to losing a vote go to a point of violence.And so many of our own 'jewish blood' caught up in a movement  seeming to go openly anti semitic. We are not even that confident with the camp of the president elect we won't see similar dangers.We pray that 'elements' of yiddishkeit in his own family will help him steer the better way.

When the fires started in Israel, I debated with myself whether to write the following or not.Now, that , b'h , it seems to have been conquered, I feel a little freer to write, even though I know that certain elements of our people would go to town with these thoughts not the way I truly mean.

But I said to myself,these fires were in the parsha of zivugim.It does say Ish v'Ishe, if the yud and 'keh' are there , b'sholom , the shechina rests,if not , take those letters away and fire eats them up.So, too ,it says a fire is only found where there is chillul shabbas.

The arabs are , actually ,religious (be it , nevertheless perverted).The Orach Chaim mentions in the parsha that eventually Yishmael will recognize to whom he belongs, as the child of Hagar hashifhcha.

The world about us is plagued by isms , discord, jealousies, but in our parsha , the loyal servant of Avraham seeks quietly  the zivvug for Yitzchok.That zivvug is to unite heaven and earth, and is to unite thereby the whole world and bring the world to shlemus and  peace.

Ultimately peace can't come to the world, till we, His Chosen People,truly live with the light given to us.It is not Israeli technology that will save us and the world , but the teachings of the torah that have kept us alive as a people through all the dark ages and which have made us different and elevated.

This is our job as a people to breathe sanity and faith in all our dealings whether it be here in open golus, or in our homeland in a much deeper golus of confusion.The real 'tikun' is for us to live fully and openly as Yidden.This is really only possible completely in Israel.Maybe this is why  I've been continually 'begging' my friends to join us in

We haven't  published for some time, but this is our commitment  in our small 'virtual kehilla' , to try to be a steady inspiration of light .

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“Everything Will Be Good” Trump Assures Palestinian President Ahead of Meeting with Netanyahu

Former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump assured Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that “everything will be good” ahead of his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scheduled for Friday. Trump shared the message on his social media platform, Truth Social, on Tuesday. He posted a letter from Abbas dated July 14, which expressed concern over a failed assassination attempt on Trump in Philadelphia on July 13. In response, Trump wrote, “Mahmoud, so nice. Thank You. Everything will be Good.” Trump is set to meet with Netanyahu at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, on Friday. In his post, he expressed optimism about the upcoming discussions, stating, “Looking forward to seeing Bibi Netanyahu on Friday, and even more forward to achieving Peace in the Middle East!” (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)
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BD”E: Petirah Of Rabbi Gershon Nof Z”L, A Talmid Chochom And Mechaber Seforim

YWN regrets to inform you of the petirah of Rabbi Gershon Nof z”l, a respected Talmid Chacham and Mechaber Seforim, who was niftar on 17 Tammuz (July 23) at the age of 85. Born in Moscow in 1939, Rabbi Nof’s family was among the first Jewish families to escape Russia. He went on to become a prolific Talmid Chacham, writing several seforim on a wide range of topics. Rabbi Nof is survived by his siblings, Mrs. Miriam Roitblatt, Ms. Ruchomo Romanov, and Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Romanov, as well as his children, Yosef Priel, Nechemia Priel, Bruchy Winterfeld, and stepchildren Menachem Moskowitz, Sima Bart, and Devory Gottlieb. The Levaya will take place Wednesday, 18 Tammuz (July 24), at 9:30 am at Divrei Chaim in Boro Park (1214 43rd Street), then at 770 Eastern Parkway at 10:30 am and the Ohel at 11:30 am. Yehi Zichro Baruch. (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)
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